• Full realtime D1 high resolution recording on 16 cameras at once!
  • Built-in video motion detection ability conserves HDD storage
  • Selectable image resolution / compression
  • 16 synchronized line-level audio inputs
  • 1TB (1000 GB) internal HDD storage INCLUDED
  • High quality drives (7200 RPM with 8MB buffer)
  • Includes FREE wireless IR remote control

DVR-RT16X REALTIME 16 channel video + 16 channel audio recorder (DVR) with network remote viewing / playback / backup transfer ability. Built-in dedicated MPEG 4 hardware RTOS operating system (non-PC and non-Linux OS). This unit is 'plug & play' compatible with ALL of our cameras, wireless receivers and #AM-1 miniature high gain microphones. Compatible with most consumer television sets (those with standard composite RCA / BNC video inputs). *Also features VGA video output port for monitoring on a computer screen as well. Complete technical specifications below.








This DVR has what a lot of what even casino and other high-end security operations often don't: true high resolution 704 x 480 realtime AV recording per channel @ 30 fps (frames per second) per channel. Packed with the highest quality processing components and built-in server, this is a truly PROFESSIONAL solution for any 16 camera operation where reliable realtime video (and synchronized audio) archiving may be crucial. For any video that may result in 'obtained evidence', it should be remembered that an event can only be recorded ONCE- there are no second chances to go back with higher quality equipment.

When you hear about realtime video recording and/ or high resolution- BEWARE! Too many in our industry are advertising their DVR systems with misleading spec numbers and buzzwords which may tend to imply that they possess capabilities which they actually don't. There are many DVRs (of all quality levels) which can do sometimes do realtime recording or (rarely) high resolution- but not both at the same time- so please check the fine print! And please also do a little more homework before you believe the claims of what "PC" slot recording cards will do for you.

The internal motion detection ability of this unit is excellent. It's adjustable and very sensitive, which allows for recording ONLY when action is present. Most experienced users understand that a high-quality internal video motion detection is almost necessary for practical purposes, because you simply don't have to have to search hours and hours of video for a few minutes of action. Also includes the ability to 'mask' out certain areas in which user does not want motion to activate recording (such as passing cars on a street, etc.). Many DVR systems have (although many still don't) this internal ability but each major OEM seems to have its own unique method. We've tested many which looked 'antique' in relative comparison to this one- it's really nice.

This records realtime video on all channels at 704 x 480 resolution per channel (full D 1 / D1). The clarity difference versus most other DVRs in the marketplace, which usually only record at 320 x 240 per channel, is quite shocking. Even knocks out the 640 x 480 major name card resolution in side by side viewing comparison. Now it should be noted that even with a high resolution camera, there tends to be a fine digital 'edge'. This is more apparent in the lower resolution settings, but even then it's still better than most of what you'll find out there.

This is considered a 'standalone' unit as it doesn't require any type of external computer, though it CAN BE *NETWORKED through its rear LAN port connection (RJ-45 type plug) for remote access viewing from multiple computers and/ or even over the internet (CD software included) from anywhere in the world. It can be viewed on a standard RCA-capable television OR on most computer monitors through the VGA output port (you must have adjustable settings).

We carry ONLY proven, stable video recording technology and even the very best hard drives are installed. We special order and install only 7200 RPM HDD drives with 8MB buffer by Western Digital® , Maxtor®. It costs us more, but we feel it is always worth it to use the best.

Common Applications:

HIGHEST-LEVEL professional security solutions
Remote video monitoring applications
Scientific and industrial purposes
Video monitoring which requires multiple audio recording ability

Available Options:

Handheld wireless IR remote control included FREE with each DVR-RT16 ordered.

FREE bonus accessory package includes RCA-BNC video plug adapters, remote client software CD and more.

We can upgrade the HDD storage capacity in this unit for you for an additional charge (currently the maximum internal storage we can provide is 3.2 terabytes).

Variations / Alternate Equipment to Consider:

Aside from our 4 and 8 channel versions of this model, we also carry a very nice 16 channel unit #DVR-16DVD which allows for 1-16 camera ability at record/ playback speed that is very fast with good playback resolution. Since four cameras can be limiting and even most inferior 8/9 camera systems are nearly as expensive as the DVR-16DVD.

Both of our 16 channel models offers expandability but can also serve as a nine camera or twelve camera unit just as well. When you examine the cost ratio, it's generally found to be much more advantageous to have a few unnecessary channels than to pay extra and still be limited in ability.


The only 'drawbacks' to this device that we've found: It can only support multiple screen playback through the remote client function, but not onscreen at the DVR itself- though you can play back any desired channel in its own special frame WHILE monitoring the rest in real time, with the ability to make that channel a full-frame with fast-forward / reverse / pause actions. Also, even though it would be nice to have built-in or external direct CD / DVD backup ability, this model only currently supports an external USB hard drive. But DVD backup is very overrated for security DVRs for several reasons. First, most people wrongly assume that a backup DVD disc can be viewed on a standard DVD player. It's simply a form of digital media which can be recorded onto. Most users would rather download the video clips directly into desktop where they can be burned, etc. onto other mediums. * However, one can play back the recorded clips through the composite output ports directly into the composite inputs on a standalone DVD video recorder, which then puts it into a medium more readily usable for external video editing software programs, etc..

This is a classified as a security DVR, this is not meant to be a 'broadcast booth' item here to solve all of your high resolution video editing needs. Time/ date stamping and certain overlay material, for example, cannot be removed from archived video. The played back video is excellent and unmatched from any comparative standpoint within the security DVR category, but even "full D1 digital" can be seen to have minor imperfections ('grain') depending on type, resolution and lens/ field of view with individual camera.

*NOTE: Networking this recorder into a PC computer system can potentially be confusing for some users. And, unfortunately- based on type of computer, operating system and how particular settings are configured- there are simply too many variables involved for us to provide any kind of 'easy advice'. Networking issues are where we must 'draw the line', since they are generally far too complex and time consuming for our technicians to convey sight unseen over the telephone. Please note that we DO NOT provide any technical support regarding network or remote viewing operations of this system.

This unit is NOT designed for mobile or vehicle applications.

Hardware / OS requirements for remote Client software:

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 / Windows XP

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (2.40 GHz or above)
RAM memory: DDR 512MB or more
Display Card: at least 64MB display memory
Network Card: 100M

  • Please click here for more information about digital video recorders (DVRs).
  • Please click here for more information concerning the differences between VCR and DVR video recorders.
  • Please click here for more information regarding specialized recording functions and options.
  • Please click here for more information about multiple camera video processors and multiple camera video surveillance systems.

DVR Technical Specifications
FPS Recording Frame Rate
FPS Display Frame Rate
Recording Resolution
each camera: (NTSC): 704(H) x 480(V) / (PAL): 704(H) x 586(V) * Can be adjusted to lower resolutions
Operating System
MPEG4 Hardware RTOS (realtime operating system)
Compression Method
MPEG-4 / Part 10 (H.264) hardware compression
Compression Rate
dynamic / adjustable CBR and VBR
Graphical User Interface Menus
easy to use on-screen programming guide
Backup Method

via BNC to VCR or composite DVD video recorder,

via USB (v1.1) to external USB HDD,

via internet or through network operation

Video Motion Detection Capable?
standard and built-in (selectable in menu)
Video Motion Detection Options
masking, sensitivity adjustment
Monitoring Options
split sceen 1, 4, 9, or 16 cameras
Playback Options
search, still image capture
Alarm/Event Recording Capable?
yes, with built-in external alarm input / output ports (16 in, 6 out)
Network Operation Capable?
using WAN or LAN router
Remote Internet Viewing Capable?
using WAN or LAN router
Ethernet/Modem Built-in?
ethernet standard and built-in
Language Support
English, Traditional Chinese
Standard HDD Capacity
1 TB (terabyte, equal to 1000 GB) * Expandable
HDD Storage Consumption
80 ∼ 350 MB / hour / channel variable based on frame speed and resolution settings, as well as compression
HDD Speed
7200 R.P.M + 8 MB buffer
Includes Remote Controller?
free wireless IR remote controller
Simplex/Duplex/Triplex Operation?
triplex operation (simultaneous recording, playback, network operation)
Number of Video Inputs
sixteen (16) video inputs for sixteen (16) cameras total
Video Input Type
Composite 1 Vp-p @ 75 ohms unbalanced
Audio Recording Capable?
sixteen (16) audio inputs for sixteen (16) microphones total
Audio Input Type
Number of Video Outputs
two (2) composite A/V outputs, one (1) VGA output
Video Output Type

Composite 1 Vp-p @ 75 ohms unbalanced

or VGA

Video Input Plug
16 x BNC (connects easily to RCA with included adapter)
Video Output Plug
1 x BNC (connects easily to RCA with included adapter)
Audio Input Plug
16 x BNC (connects easily to RCA with included adapter)
Audio Output Plug
1 x BNC (connects easily to RCA with included adapter)
Pan / Tilt / Zoom Protocol Drivers Built-in
Pelco-D, Pelco-P and more
Input Voltage
110v / 230v AC switchable
Power Consumption
70 W (watts)
Power Input Plug
standard grounded 3-prong U.S. wall outlet plug
Operating Temperature
-5* C ∼ +55* C
Operating Humidity
Operating Barometric Pressure
86 kpa ∼ 106 kpa
17.4" x 18" x 3.5" / 441mm x 450mm x 89mm
18.5 lbs. / 8.5 kg
Cord Length
6' / 1.75 meters power cable included (US plug)
two (2) years
Additional Features

accepts PAL or NTSC video,

global power supply accepts 110v ∼ 240v AC,

superior video motion detection performance,

post-alarm recording with duration adjustment,

power transformer included FREE,

multi-level password protected,

plug and play BNC adapters included FREE

expandable HDD storage (total up to 3.2 terabyte internal)
SKU 7681000DVRRT16
Price: $4275.95
Due to Hard Drive Shortages Please Call for HDD Prices

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