We realize CCTV video equipment can sometimes be confusing. Here is some information which could be of help.

CCTV Basics: how this stuff works
All about what is necessary to get started, precautions to take, and basic video recording. A good place to start for those new to the wild world of CCTV video surveillance equipment.

Helpful CCTV Glossary This glossary contains a wealth of information about terms commonly used on this and other web sites in reference to video performance and other product features.

Equipment Compatibility Concerns Answers to questions about equipment compatibility such as: "what do I need to know about video compatibility?" and "does all of your equipment work together?".

All About Wireless Audio / Video Links Answers to frequently asked questions concerning the real world range and performance of wireless video products. Also explains the pros and cons of several different wireless frequency bands.

Black & White vs. Color Video and How to Choose Which is Right for You A description of the differences, especially regarding realistic performance, between color and black and white (monochrome) video cameras and other video devices.

Multiple Camera Video Systems Plan on using more than one camera? Read more about the capabilities and limitations of multiple camera systems. Includes information on video quads and multiplexers.

Infrared 0.0 lux IR Video Products Infrared lighting is perhaps one of the most difficult concepts to grasp in the CCTV field. If you have questions about how Infrared lighting works in combination with CCD video cameras, please read here.

Pan / Tilt / Zoom Cameras & Equipment Information about adjustable focus and zoom lens cameras, as well as detailed info regarding controllable pan/tilt/zoom video products.

Analog VCR vs. Digital DVR Video Recorders The digital DVR revolution is upon us, but is a DVR system right for your application? Find out much more about the differences in features between analog VCR units and the latest DVR digital video recorders.

PC (Windows) vs. Linux-based and embedded DVR Digital Video Recorders DVR recording systems can be great, but there are two basic varieties: PC and Linux recorders. This FAQ explains the key differences in reliability between the two.

Specialized Video Recording Options & Features for DVRs & VCRs Newer VCR and DVR video recorders are capable of some amazing things today. This FAQ explains recording issues like realtime, alarm-triggered, and timelapse recordings.

The Difference Between "Specs" and Actual Video Quality
Technical specifications from video equipment manufacturers can sound fantastic on paper (isn't everything advertised to be great?!). However, there are some important warnings about specs that need to be considered.

About CCTV Camera Lenses & Choosing a Lens A description of several types of common CCTV camera lens configurations and how to choose which might suit your situation the best.

Lens Chart for 1/3" CCD Cameras This lens chart provides an idea of the field of view attainable with 1/3" CCD cameras using specific lens focal lengths and distances. The chart is EXTREMELY helpful in choosing a lens. Lens chart opens in a new browser window.

Issues Regarding 12 volt DC & 24 volt AC Power Compatibility
Have questions about AC/DC power and how it concerns video equipment? This helpful guide explains issues about power from both AC transformers and mobile battery packs.

A Special Note About ALL CCD Video Cameras Are you familiar with pixel burn? If not, please read this important note regarding the operation of CCD cameras.

Legal Issues & Your Responsibilities There are some legal issues associated with video and audio monitoring and recording. Please read for more information about the legitimate use of our products and your legal responsibilities.

FAQs for Our International Clients Information for customers outside the United States about video compatibility, shipping methods and costs, accepted forms of payment, and much more.

How Do Eyespyvideo.com Video Cameras Differ from Others I've Seen? This brief chart clarifies the major differences between the CCD video cameras found on Eyespyvideo.com and others which can be found online. Chart opens in a new window.

How Do Eyespyvideo.com Security DVR Recorders Differ from Others I've Seen? This chart points out the differences between Eyespyvideo.com digital DVR surveillance recorders and others advertised on the internet. Opens in a new window.

How Does Eyespyvideo.com Wireless A/V Equipment Differ from Others I've Seen? This chart sites the key differences between Eyespyvideo.com wireless audio/video link equipment (transmitters and receivers) and others fond online. Chart opens in a new browser window.