• Huge 100 mW output power is capable of 1000 feet max. line of sight range
  • Transmits both audio and video wireless
  • 900 MHz operation consistent in motion
  • FM modulation PLL technology provides reliable signal stability
  • Power supplies included- mobile or stationary use

THX-9100 900 MHz AV transmitter. This one-channel unit is 'plug and play' compatible with ALL of our color and black and white cameras and AM-1 microphone, as well as most consumer camcorders. Standard composite RCA female audio + video inputs. Designed for use with our RX-910 wireless receivers. COMPLETE technical specifications (a.k.a. "specs") below.


What an amazing little FM unit. BEWARE that most 900MHz sets you'll find are AM modulated and are usually greatly inferior with substandard engineering and very low (as well as often exaggerated) average RF output power. We've carried this transmitter for years and it has proven to be stable and reliable when properly used and powered. Even inferior units can be found out there costing twice as much or even more! We have tested this unit at over 1000' in outdoor LOS (line-of-sight) conditions with using ONLY the standard (included) omnidirectional whip antennas at both transmitter & receiver points. It is capable of greater range when transmitter and/ or receiver are equipped with properly oriented directional (narrow beam) antennas.

This can be a GREAT solution for a WIDE variety of uses- both mobile and stationary. It's often the best alternative for situations which may not be as suitable for microwave frequencies (i.e. 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz). Microwave transmitter or receiver are in motion or used around people or animals. 900MHz also provides superior barrier penetration ability than higher frequencies.

900 megahertz is also a great alternative to using 2.4GHz in conditions where other 2.4GHz equipment is (or even could be) operating in close relative proximity to either transmitter or receiver- or anywhere in between. This type of interference may include wireless LAN networking, 2.4 gig cordless telephones, alternate video transmission, microwave ovens and other sources.

This is a single channel transmitter designed for use with CHANNEL 1 on our mating #RX-910 receivers, though it can also be received on other FM receivers (i.e. ICOMM) which are tuned to the same frequency.

For security purposes, 900MHz is also less likely to be received by accident or intercepted by unwanted 'video eavesdroppers'.

It must be noted that, even though a quality FM 900MHz unit has a number of potential advantages over other wireless video frequencies, any wireless video- even if incredible- is certainly not 'magic'. There should always be a careful analysis of all known factors and a preparedness for certain types of potential problems which can never be fully realized until trial. Please read more on our wireless FAQ page.

We carry ONLY wireless equipment manufactured with quality-engineered onboard surface mount board + processor components (critical to produce a high quality wireless video unit). Too many in our industry are making false and exaggerated claims about their inferior products and about wireless video technology in general. You never have or will find such products or erroneous information on our site.

Common Applications:

General CCTV video and security purposes where installing hardwired connection is not feasible or possible
Mobile and bodyworn portable videography including use at wedding receptions, in nightclubs, etc.
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and R/C (radio controlled) vehicle applications including robotics

Available Options:

External transmitter antenna included FREE (SMA type threaded post) for direct interface to unit.

Fully regulated #PWR-500R AC/DC transformer (wall plug-in for constant use) and 8xAA #BAT-1 battery pack included FREE with each THX-9100 ordered.

The #THX-9100 features identical power requirements to many of our transmitters and cameras and can therefore also be powered by our #BAT-3 and #BAT-AAA battery packs or our #ACC-AUTO fused auto power cord for direct plug into vehicle cigarette lighter.

Our #ANT-900M magnetic mount + low-loss extension cable (with SMA plug) allows user to stretch antenna distance away from a transmitter or receiver, such as outside a building or to the rooftop of a vehicle. Elevated #ANT-900M antenna(s) can facilitate a much better LOS line of sight condition between transmitter and receiver in crowded rooms, etc., which often results in better range and performance.

Our #ANT-Y900 high gain Yagi antenna allows user to MAXIMIZE range in LOS conditions by concentrating radio signal into a narrow, directional beam. *Please note that #ANT-Y900 is very large at almost 5 feet. #ANT-Y900 antenna features "N" type post jack. TO interface directly with transmitter or receiver, you must use the proper "N-SMA" type cable, which we carry and can be found on the antennas page.

Variations / Alternate Equipment to Consider:

We also carry the #TX-9100 which is the same (100mW) transmitter, but removed from the protective outer shell casing and fitted with external power plugs + RCA audio video plugs.


This is a non-weatherproof transmitter, and as such- must be treated with extra care and NEVER left outdoors without the proper protective housings.

Because this unit has no built-in 'reverse polarity protection' circuitry, it MUST be powered PROPERLY and ONLY with available power accessories to guarantee SAFE operation. Using improper 'reverse power' (i.e. a power supply with a. Unregulated transformers marked at "12 volts DC" are more likely producing 18-30 volts, as seen when tested with a simple DC volt meter. While over-voltage of electronic circuitry may allow operation, but may also be greatly decreasing device longevity by "over-driving" and likely overheating that circuitry, which may even result in immediate damage. Please consult our power FAQ page for more information.

Reception range of wireless performance is based on a number of factors which can generally be determined only after actual testing has been made. Please consult our wireless FAQ page for MUCH more information on this subject.

This type of wireless equipment is typically more suited for CCTV camera and security applications, rather than with consumer entertainment-type devices.

As an audio-capable device, user must accept full responsibility for legal use within federal (and state or local if applicable) existing laws.

  • Please click here for more information about wireless A/V link equipment.
  • Please click here for more information concerning the basics of CCTV installation and operation.
  • Please click here for more information concerning video compatibility issues.

Transmitter Technical Specifications
RF Frequency Range
900 MHz
RF Output Power
100 mW (milliwatts)
# Channels
one (1) channel @ 909 MHz (channel 1 on RX-910)
Total Bandwidth
transmits 400+ color TV lines of resolution plus one (1) channel audio
Modulation Method
consistent FM (frequency modulated)
Signal Stability
+/- 250 KHz phase-lock-loop (PLL) synthesized
Standard Antenna
tuned 900 MHz dipole whip antenna
BEST Line-of-Sight Range
approx. 1000 ft. with RX-910
Antenna Input Plug
female SMA plug
Input Voltage
12 volts DC (+/- 10%) center pin + positive
Power Consumption (milliamps)
250 mA or less
Video Input Type
Composite 1 Vp-p @ 75 ohms unbalanced
Video Input Plug
RCA (adapts easily to BNC)
Power Input Plug
2.1mm inner diam. x 5.5mm outer diam. center pin + positive
Audio Transmission?
yes, one channel (mono) audio
Audio Input Type
Audio Input Plug
RCA (adapts easily to BNC)
2.6" x 2.2" x 0.8" / 65mm x 55mm x 20mm
3.7oz. / 105.9g
Standard Antenna Dimensions
5.75" / 146mm long x 0.5" / 12.7mm diameter at widest point
Standard Antenna Weight
0.67oz. / 19.1g
one year
*Additional Features
includes free BAT-1 mobile "AA" battery pack, free PWR-500R regulated AC/DC wall transformer, and free antenna

SKU 5291000THX9100
Weight 0.50 lbs
Price: $99.95

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