The BAT-3 mobile DC battery pack is a great product. This device can be used as a portable power supply for most video equipment which operates in the 9 ∼ 14v power range. The only difference between the BAT-1 and BAT-3 mobile battery pack is the size and shape. The BAT-3 pack has a long, slender shape which may be preffered for some applications.

The BAT-3 is designed to work with any eight (8) standard "AA" batteries. For best performance and optimum battery run time, it is strongly encouraged to use alkaline batteries. With fresh alkaline batteries, voltage peaks at near 14 volts DC, then quickly settles to a fairly precise 12 volts. As your electronic devices drain these batteries, voltage slowly drops until there is not enough battery capacity to power your devices. At this point a video camera or other piece of will cease operation.

The amount of current delivered by the BAT-3 pack is up to 500 mA (milliamps) for 2.5 Ah (amp-hours). In our real world testing, eight fresh "AA" alkaline batteries will continuously power a miniature camera, with power consumption of roughly 100 mA per hour, for approximately 24 hours. Using an ACC-2Y or ACC-3Y power splitter allows the BAT-3 to power several devices simultaneously like more than one camera or a camera in combination with a wireless transmitter and / or microphone. Battery run time for a miniature camera plus a wireless transmitter is 4 - 8 hours. Expect only a small decrease in battery run time when using a microphone with this battery pack.

Eight fresh alkaline batteries (1.5v each) installed in the BAT-3 battery pack will create 12 volts DC power for cameras, microphones, wireless A/V products, and many more items. Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) rechargeable "AA" batteries are also fully compatible with the BAT-3 battery pack. These batteries are typically charged to 1.2v each, so eight rechargeable batteries produces maximum output of 9.6 volts. Using NiMH rechargeable batteries significantly reduces battery run time, and 9.6 volts DC may not provide adaquate battery capacity to power some products (such as high power wireless transmitters). Other types of "AA" batteries such as lithium ion and lithium polymer may have the potential to increase battery run time.

Voltage output is from a standard 2.1mm (inner diameter) x 5.5mm (outer diameter) coaxial power plug. This output plug is seamlessly compatible with the power input plug on many video equipment, including CCTV cameras, wireless equipment, and video monitors. This plug also fits seamlessly with the ACC-2Y and ACC-3Y power splitters as well as the AM-1 miniature microphone.

Power Suppply Technical Specifications
Input Voltage
12 volts DC (+/- 10%) center pin + positive with eight (8) fresh alkaline "AA" batteries
Output Voltage
equivalent to input voltage, 12 volts DC (+/- 10%) center pin + positive with eight (8) fresh alkaline "AA" batteries
Current Delivery
up to 500 mA (milliamps) for 2.5 Ah (amp-hours) with fresh "AA" alkaline batteries
Output Plug
2.1mm inner diam. x 5.5mm outer diam. center pin + positive
Cord Length
7" / 180mm
4.25" x 1.125" x 1.125" / 108mm x 29mm x 29mm
0.8oz. / 21g (without batteries)
ninety (90) days
*Additional Features

includes free BAT-2 camera power connector,

great for mobile / portable use of cameras and many other 12v devices

SKU 3781000BAT3
Weight 0.10 lbs
Price: $4.95

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